Kioli - Scottish Debt Charity

Many Scots in recent years find themselves snowed under with problem debts and are unsure of where to turn to, Kioli aim to provide you with the best free advice and make sure your case is handled by a reputable Scottish based Insolvency firm.

Free Credit File Assessments

We provide our clients with free credit assessments which will be invaluable for those planning on getting a mortgage in the future. The Debt Solutions you enter may affect your ability to get credit and so it's important that this aspect is considered BEFORE entering any solutions. We are able to provide this service free in association withe the Scottish Government.

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A Protected Trust Deed Scotland is the most popular and sought after debt solution in Scotland as it provides the debtor with the ability to write off any debts that are deemed unaffordable by the AIB. The Scottish Trust Deed can be entered into with as little as £8,000 debt.
The Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme known as DAS is a great option for those in debt with valuable assets such as a home or a car. The DAS is backed by the Scottish government and anyone with problem debt is eligible to apply. All interest and charges will be frozen when you enter the solution and you will not receive any further dispute from creditors.
Sequestration is the legal term used for bankruptcy in Scotland and should only be considered as a last resort to dealing with debts. Once you are declared insolvent you may be required to a dividend to your creditors for up to 1 year, however this is dependent on your income. Always make sure you are aware how the bankruptcy order will affect your possessions before agreeing to sequestrate.
A Scottish LILA is a road into bankruptcy that applies to those with a monthly income of less than £900 and should also only be introduced as a last resort to the debtor. For a fee of £200 the Scottish AIB will declare your bankruptcy to your creditors and from there you will enter insolvency. After one year you will be discharged but will be unable to seek any further credit for a 6 year period.