Terms of logbook loan

Looking for a fast and reliable lender on whom you can trust? Look no further. At logbook calculator they believe that lending should be for everyone, fair and square. Even if you have had a bad credit history in the past, you deserve a chance to make things right and to get your stuff going. This is why we introduce you to lenders who provide flexible interest rates with our logbook loans which you can repay back at your own time, with no pressure from their side.

We have a dedicated team to provide you the best customer service. Our team includes well trained professionals who work to ensure that you have the least of the paper works to fulfill. We understand that on the face of an emergency it is tiresome for you to look after so much of paperwork and get the job done. All we do is check your logbook application and introduce you to the appropriate lender.

Moreover, since your car is your logbook security, there is no need to do further credit checks. We also ensure that the monthly repayments are affordable for you. We reward those who pay back regularly. We have our own logbook loan calculator that will give you an estimate of the amounts which you have to repay on the amount you borrow. All our transactions are completely transparent.

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These lenders do not give any importance to profession, salary or social status before granting loans, so all the loan applications are treated similarly from their side. However each application is qualified on its own merit, but it is ensured that each of the applicant is given what he wants. We introduce you to lenders who are registered with the Office of Fair Trading and who hold Consumer Credit License. To cover our costs, the standing amount of loan must be lesser than the value of the car. You can opt for a loan of lesser value than L200 to L50, 000 but it shouldn’t be higher than the market price of your car.

You must provide legal documents of the ownership of the car which you have requested a loan against. Additionally, there must not be any financial obligations related to the car anywhere. It should also possess a valid MOT and insurance certificates of the company. Following just these few steps you can acquire loans easily.

One of the basic things you should know about logbook loans is that, if you fail to pay, then you will lose the possession of your car. Calculate your weekly record of payments with logbook calculator today.

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